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Attendance and Absences

We are keen to ensure that children attend school regularly and on time.  


Reporting your child sick/absent from school


If your child is absent or unwell, on the day of absence we ask parents/carers to telephone the school to let us know on 01234 220480 using option 1 leaving the following information:


Your child’s name


Reason for absence


Please telephone the school each day your child is absent.


If we have not received a call by the time registers close, we will contact parents/carers by text message or phone call to establish why the child is not in school.  This is a very time consuming task, which is why we ask that parents/carers contact the school by 9am on each day of absence.


Why is attendance important?

If your child continues to be absent from school  and their attendance falls below 92%, the school and Education Welfare Officer will begin to monitor their attendance more closely.  Please make every effort to improve your child’s attendance as it is vital for their education and progress.  Ultimately, the higher the child’s attendance, the better chance they have to improve attainment levels.



The DFE state that it is essential that pupils form good habits of punctual attendance at school from the earliest age.  Children who arrive late at school:

  • Miss learning opportunities

  • Disrupt children already engaged in learning activities e.g. reading

  • Could potentially raise anxiety levels when entering a class full of children

  • Miss additional support for children put in place first thing in the morning such as reading, handwriting and other key notices/interventions


The school doors open at 8.40am, the school day starts at 8.50am.  Please ensure that all children are in school by 8.50am at the very latest.  Doors close at 9am, children will need to be signed in at the school office by their parent/carer.  


The Education Welfare Officer regularly and robustly checks our school registers and takes referrals for children who have a poor record of attendance.

Common Illnesses and Recommended Recovery Times