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Curriculum Information

'Irresistible Learning' is the name we give to our school curriculum.  When teaching and learning is irresistible children cannot resist learning; they are excited, enthused and challenged to be the best they can be.


A fundamental aspect of our curriculum is that children are actively engaged in the learning process. They are met with activities and experiences, both in school and at offsite venues, which challenge their thinking and develop independence when learning.  They are encouraged, within a carefully planned environment, to find things out for themselves in order to ensure that deep, purposeful learning takes place.


At King’s Oak Primary School we ensure that within all aspects of teaching and learning children are met with high expectations and belief that there are no limits to what they can achieve!


Success at every level and across all aspects of learning is expected, shared and celebrated. There is a strong emphasis on the way we learn and we aim to provide and create optimum conditions and experiences for learning.


Teachers cater for the range of learning styles and work flexibly and creatively. Children understand how they learn best, what supports their learning and what can get in the way of their success.


Teachers provide exciting, stimulating classroom environments which aim to foster a genuine sense of awe and curiosity so that children are inspired to explore and find out more.  Learning displays reflect learning, are interactive and challenge thinking.


Each term our curriculum is based around at least one key topic or theme in every year group which incorporates key skills and the new National Curriculum for 2014. Children are met with learning challenges in the form of questions which aim to focus their thinking and understand the impact of their learning.  Each topic area is carefully tracked across the school to ensure a broad and balanced coverage of all subjects, with clear progression, within the curriculum and over the school year.


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