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School Council

Welcome to our School Council page.  Please meet our teams below:

Minutes Team


In the Minutes Team we write about what we do in the school council, and about what the other teams discuss in the school council.

Welfare Team


In the Welfare Team we are writing about what could make children in school happier, and what would make children enjoy school more.

Communications Team


In the Communications Team we write about what we do in school.  We write a paragraph about what every year does!

Fundraising Team


In the Fundraising Team we make posters about day's you can come in in mufti and special day's.

Website Team


In the Website Team we give ideas for the website.

Welfare Communication Fundraising Website Minutes

Jamie (Year 5), Kia (Year 2), Taylon (Year 5) and Amani (Year 3) are in the Minutes Team.

Harriet (Year 1), Anilya (Year 4), Riley (Year 2) and Nadia (Year 2) are in the Welfare Team.

Freya (Year 3), Agnes (Year 5), Dominika (Year 4) and Alicia (Year 3) are in the Communications Team.

Abena (Year 1), Sophie (Year 5), Benjamin (Year 1) and Orla (Year 1) are in the Fundraising Team.

Adrian (Year 3), Ambia (Year 4), Geroge (Year 6) and Charlie (Year 6) are in the Website Team.

Environment Team


In the enviornment team we are looking at planting some new trees and flowers.  We have taken photos of places around the school that we would like to change.  We have also begun to make some posters to show people how to keep our environment safe and clean.


Tyrese (Year 2), Skye (Year 6), Amelia (Year 6) and Daniella (Year 4) are in the Environment Team.