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What do the Governors do?


Governors undertake their roles and responsibilities through committees, lead governors and learning walks as well as other visits to school

There are 3 committees. They are:


  • Full Governing Board which meets normally 5 times a year (FGB)

  • Finance and Premises (F&P)

  • Pay and Performance (P&P)


In addition, we have a Strategy Group which normally meets three times a year and focuses upon future planning.

The work of the committee is to hold the school to account and to support and challenge the school through:


  • Gaining knowledge and understanding about the work of the school

  • Verifying the policies and practices of the school

  • Monitoring and reviewing the work of the school and how we are continually trying to improve the performance of the school


To help us do this, we also have ‘lead governors’ who undertake specific monitoring roles in such areas as ‘safeguarding’, ‘Sport and PE’, ‘Health and Safety’. In addition, we have SIG (School Improvement Governors) who undertake half term visits to focus on pupil progress in specific year groups and report their findings to the FGB.


Governors also undertake ‘learning walks’ in which a group of governors will undertake a visit to school with a specific focus (normally related to school priorities)


  • The main work of the governing body is outlined below:

  • Setting and reviewing the schools aims and policies

  • Undertaking the Headteacher’s performance management and monitoring of staff appraisal

  • Monitoring the well-being of pupils

  • Continuing to improve the standards of teaching and pupil achievement through termly monitoring and an annual review

  • Setting the schools budget and monitoring expenditure

  • Interview and appointing teachers and support staff

  • Acting as a link between the local community and the school

  • Dealing with complaints about the school

  • Drawing up an action plan after inspection and monitoring the success of the plan


This doesn’t mean that we manage the school. Professionals are employed to do this. The governors work in partnership with the Headteacher, senior leadership team and all staff to ensure our children get the best education we can provide and opportunities to develop individual abilities and talents.


To enable the governors to undertake their roles and responsibilities we regular attend training and development to make sure we have the skills to do our work.


Governors also agree each year to a ‘Code of Conduct’ which includes a commitment to confidentiality.